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Good Laksa in Sydney CBD – ‘MALAY-CHINESE TAKEAWAY’ on Hunter Street

It was my first week back from holidays and I was feeling a little homesick and tired so I decided to have a laksa for lunch. You see, spicy soup noodles are my comfort food when I am away from home (at home, my mum’s spicy chicken curry is my comfort food).

I headed to ‘Malay-Chinese Takeaway’ on Hunter Street at around noon when the queue was short and there were some available tables. I ordered the popular chicken laksa ($8.70) which was almost like the laksas I had in Singapore and Malaysia! It was spicy and creamy with a generous helping of noodles, chicken, sprouts and tofu… I felt so calm and happy after taking my first spoonful of noodles and soup… it was comforting – exactly what I needed that day.

Now I know why this restaurant has such long queues… they have some of the best mouth watering, near-authentic Malay-Chinese food for a very decent price.

Make sure you get there early so that you don’t have to wait too long or have difficulty finding a seat. The service was pretty fast though and there is a quick turn-over for the tables as this is not the sort of restaurant where you sit around chatting after your meal. It’s crowded, loud, hot and noisy – but that just adds to the charm and reminds me of eating in a Hawker Stall in Singapore or Malaysia!


So if you feel like a comforting laksa head to ‘Malay-Chinese Takeaway’ on 58 Hunter Street ( – you can’t miss this sign.




  1. I tried in last friday. Thanks for the recommendation.

    I preferred a later lunch and got there around 2:30pm. No waiting. Will tell my Malaysian friends, assuming they don’t know about it already.

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  3. Oh Hunter Street Laksa….I wish I was back in Sydney. Mmm so good! Not long now-going to stay in the CBD for a month in October!

    • Hi Kansas Club!

      Amsterdam sounds like a fun place. Look forward to more posts about where to eat over there. And yes, Hunter Street Laksa will be waiting for you in Oct!

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