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Cocktails and Curly Fries at Stitch Bar

When I came back from HK, small bars were the biggest thing in Sydney. I’ve tried a few of them now, including Uncle Ming’s which Mari blogged about here.

But I have wanted to try Stitch Bar for the longest time because everyone says it’s really REALLY good! Every time I tried to go there it was either too packed or something else came up! Finally, last week, I was able to try this sweet little sewing themed bar with Miss AM! You can find it at 61 York Street, but like all small bars, it was a little tricky to find.

But you know you have walked into the right bar when you see this at the entrance….



As you descend the stairs, you are greeted with a very small space with a large bar and little seating.  It’s very warm and cosy inside, the perfect spot for a catch up with the girls or a date!



We even sat at an antique sewing table with a pedal and everything!

Miss AM went for the hot dog with homemade curly fries ($17)….


I tried the veggie burger (walnut and chickpea burger with a roasted field mushroom, lime mayo, tomato and rocket) and curly fries on the side…. so filling and healthy! (Potatoes are vegetables too right?!)


We had some very girly-looking drinks…. I had a ‘Strawberry Swing’ ($19), strawberries with basil leaves, vodka and Chandon sparkling wine – YUM!


This was Miss AM’s drink – it was very fruity and tasty!


Miss AM and I had a great time at this cute little bar – we laughed a lot, so much that we were in stitches!… no pun intended! hehe

Try it asap – I’m definitely going back there to try the hot dogs! And maybe wander over to Uncle Ming’s because it’s on the same street!


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    Please check out on how you can win.

    Good day!

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